• Landscaper Supplies

    October 19, 2015

    Landscaping Supplies Landscapers know that their reputation depends on the quality of the sod they use. This is the reason that discriminating landscapers in Metro Vancouver use Highland Turf Farms. Highland Turf Farms has been supplying landscapers in Metro Vancouver with quality sod ever since 1978. With nearly 40 years of experience growing sod, and […]

  • What is Sod

    What is Sod? Sod Farming is a type of Agricultural Farming where, the product harvested is Sod, otherwise described as thin rolls of grass turf, which can be transplanted to your lawn to provide an instant lawn. Turf grass or sod is a mature grass cover, which is produced, in an intensively managed agricultural operation. […]

  • Why Sod? 15 Reasons to Sod your Lawn

    December 24, 2014

    Order Turf Today! Call Highland Turf Farm 604-465-9812 for sod or turf Metro Vancouver  or for sod or turf for the Lower Mainland. Benefits of Turf Grass – Reasons to Sod: The following quotations are the opinions of researchers and scientists. (Only the first 19 seconds of the video is US, the research is applicable […]

  • Sod Vancouver | Sod West Vancouver | Sod North Vancouver

    December 22, 2014

    Sod Delivery: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver. The mix includes grasses tolerant to wet conditions as well as grasses tolerant to dry hot weather. Highland Turf Farm sells the best blend of grass for homeowners, and landscapers in the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. By combining a variety of grasses, the grass that does best […]

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