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“Nearly a ton of carbon per acre per year is
stored in the soil of golf course fairways
and greens.”
Ron Follett of Agricultural
Reseach Service (ARS) Soil-Plant Nutrient
Research Unit in Fort collins, CO and Yaling
Quin Colorado State University.
“Lawns are a carbon sink. If people recycle grass clippings, leaving them to decom-
post on their lawn, the US lawn area could store up to 37 billions of carbon each
year. ”
Chirstina Milesi, NASA Ames Research Center 2006.
“55 square feet of turf grass provides enough oxygen for one person for an entire
Dr. Thomas L Watschke – Pennsylvania State University
Fun Facts:
Did you Know!
“Turf grasses trap an estimated 12 Million tons of dust and dirt released
annually into the atmosphere.”
Dr. Thomas L Watschke – Pennsylvania
State University
Did you know… it is possible to install sod
year round in Metro Vancouver and the
Lower Mainland!
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