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Highland Turf Farm
Initially, when the family bought the farm in 1914 the farm was much different than it is today. At
first it was a dairy farm. Now 100 years later, the family farm is primarily turf, as well as some
acreage in cranberries. In 1978 when the farm transferred to the ownership of the younger gen-
eration, a decision was made to covert it into a turf farm.
The equipment in those early days, of turf farming, was not nearly as advanced as it is today. The
Banns family know the benefits to the farm and to their customers, that buying up-to-date equip-
ment makes. The equipment they use to harvest sod today is state of the art, and fascinates
youngsters and adults that visit the farm. It makes harvesting go more quickly and cuts rolls more
precisely, resulting in the customers receiving
their sod earlier in the day — so they can lay it the
same day.
A Growing Business
As Highland Turf Farm grew, the amount of land at their the original family farm in Pitt Meadows
could not keep up with the demand. Highland made three additional land purchases, each time
buying an additional 40 acres in Abbotsford. Highland Turf Farm purchased additional land in
1990, 1994, and 1996.
Turf from Highland Turf Farm has reached some internationally renowned destinations such as:
Bear Mountain Golf, Furry Creek, and other golf courses from Washington to Whistler. We are
sure you have walked on many lawns that originated in a Highland Turf Farm field, in Pitt Mead-
ows or Abbotsford
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