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Choosing Sod
The end result, is dependent on the
type of seed used. Highland Turf Farm
uses only certified and registered seed
blend comprised of fescue varieties
that are best suited to the local cli-
mate and soil conditions.
All Highland Turf Farm Turf is locally
grown and harvested the same day as
you receive it. Some sod suppliers
transport sod long distances. This re-
sults in sod heating up in the rolls and
results in a higher rate of failure .
Count on Highland for FRESH TURF.
The industry standard is
one square yard per roll.
Not all turf producers pro-
vide you with a full yard.
Some give you only 8.5
square feet, and then en-
courage you to buy extra
sod so you won’t run out.
Highland Turf Farm always sells 9
square feet in a roll. You get one full
square yard, in our rolls.
Our prices are very affordable. Install-
ing your lawn will increase your prop-
erty value more for the dollars you in-
vest, than any other home improve-
Highland Turf Farm
takes the business of
growing turf seriously. As members of
Turf Grass Producers International, they
keep abreast with research and best
farming practices. Highland
Turf Farm is a family farm
with a long-standing repu-
tation for excellence. In
2014, the farm was hon-
ored by the Province for
their 100 years, in the fam-
ily, in Pitt Meadows.
Highland Turf Farm, started
producing turf in 1978 and
year-after-year has striven to provide
the best sod in the Lower Mainland.
Many landscapers have used Highland
Turf Farms turf every year, because of
the quality and dependability.
Your lawn is a long term investment.
Choose Highland Turf Farms.
‘’Highland Turf Farm
always sells nine
square feet in a roll.
You get one full
square yard, in our
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