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Turf is Affordable
The return on investment
is much higher than other
improvements to your
Sod, for adding curb appeal to your lawn
is one of the best kept secrets in the real
estate world. Compared to other invest-
ments in renovations, or building, the
cost of turf simply has not escalated in
The price
1978 was 99 cents a
yard. Pric
erty has risen from
$4000 an acre, to $100,000 an acre. The
price of the sod to beautify that property
has only doubled in the same time, while
the price of land to grow that sod is 25
times higher.
The price of sodding your yard has dou-
bled, the price of buying that home is 160
times the price it was in 1978.
Ironically, sod prices are also considera-
bly lower, in Vancouver, than in other Ca-
nadian cities. Sod costs 33% more in Cal-
gary, for instance. Sod for your yard is
very affordable.
When you order from Highland Turf
Farm, you get full 9 foot rolls.
Get what you DESERVE!
Why settle for Less?
Instant Curb Appeal
s the answer to a beauti-
ful and high quality lawn. First
impressions are lasting im-
pressions and curb appeal has
a direct bearing on property
value. You invested a lot in
your property.
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