Quality Control

We pride ourselves in our quality. Not all grass is created equal. If you buy grass for your lawn from a Big Box store, you can be assured it was not harvested the same day as you are going to lay it. This makes a dramatic difference on how your lawn will look. You are investing a lot of work in laying your grass and we want you to have the best. That is why every load is inspected for quality. If it does not meet our standards it doesn’t go out.

The grass we deliver to you is harvested the same day. We provide you with the best quality, freshly harvested turf rolls to ensure you have the best lawn possible. Of course, you still need to water it regularly after laying it, particularly in the first few weeks after you install it.

Remember it is a big event for the grass to move to your yard from our fields. Allow your freshly installed grass the TLC it needs during the first couple of weeks, and then follow the lawn maintenance guidelines in our ebook and your lawn will give you curb appeal and enjoyment for many years to come.

November 24, 2015

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