Installing Turf: Laying Sod

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Installing Sod, or Laying Sod – Residential and Commercial for lawns in Lower Mainland BCResidential Sod - Vancouver

Installing Sod? Plan Ahead

To lay sod successfully, it is important to prepare in advance. Advanced preparation, prior to installing your sod, will make all the difference to the quality of your lawn. Failure to bring in enough topsoil will result in the lawn being unable to take root. Failing to prepare will result in a lawn that is uneven.

Installing Sod or Laying Sod:

Lower Mainland, BC

Preparing the Top Soil Before Installing Sod:

  • Remove all rocks and debris from the area.
  • Grade the area where you will lay the sod and shape the area with desired contours
  • Add topsoil, unless there is already 8-10 cm (4 inches minimum) of good topsoil
  • Rototill the topsoil to a depth of 8-10 cm (4 inches minimum)
  • Rototilling in one direction and then doing it a second time at right angles to your first rototilling gives a better result.
  • Rake until the surface is smooth and even, working to even out rough areas or dips and hollows
  • Roll the lawn with a lawn roller. These can be rented at most tool rental companies. A lawn roller is basically a drum with a handle bar attached. Water is added to a drum, to provide the necessary weight to pack the soil. Emptying the water during transportation makes lawn rollers easy to transport.  This will expose any areas where there is a hollow. Fill hollows and pack again until even.

Measuring and Ordering

Using a tape measure, measure the area where you intend to lay sod.

Further instructions for calculating the amount of sod you need can help if your lawn is an irregular shape. Measuring accurately can make it easier to order the right amount of sod. Highland Turf Farm sells sod by the 9 square foot roll (one square yard).  Each roll is 16 inches by 6.9 feet. This makes it easier for you to calculate if you measure the area where you wish to lay sod, with a measuring tape showing feet and inches.  (Most machinery for sod farming is manufactured in the US is designed for selling sod by the square yard). If you figure it out in metric  Highland can convert the calculation for you.

For example, if the area where you are installing sod is 120 feet  x 120 feet this works out to 14,400 square feet. Divide this by 9 to determine the number of rolls you need. This works out to 1600 rolls (14,400 sq. ft./9 = 1600)

Order your Sod:

Order your sod for delivery. Highland Turf Farm Delivers to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, New Westminster, Delta, Richmond, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows – basically anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

If you are laying sod, order your sod well in advance, to ensure you will be able to receive your order when you need it. Highland Turf Farm strives to deliver your sod early on your delivery day. You will be installing sod on the day it is received. It is important that you arrange your schedule, and have enough help to for you to complete installing sod on the day it is received. Highland Turf Farm harvests the sod early the day on which it is being delivered.

Installing Sod: Tips for Laying Sod

Always start at the curb, or a driveway. Starting where you have a straight edge, makes installing sod easier.

  • Lay sod in staggered rows as shown in the diagram
  • Lay the first row against the curb, or a straight driveway this will enable you to lay sod more effectively..laying sod - install sod
  • When you lay sod, you need to butt the seams tightly together without over lapping.
  • Cut to fit for areas with irregular edges such as curves around flower gardens.
  • Spraying down the top soil can cool the surface, as excessive heat while laying sod can damage the sod.
  • Immediately after installing the sod, go over the area with a lawn roller. This ensures edges are tamped down and joints are butted tight together.
  • Saturate the area with water immediately. Water well but not forcefully. A gentle spray is better for new sod.

After you Lay Sod: Watering and Mowing:

After installing sod, it is necessary to provide the sod with plenty of water for the first few days. After the first few days gradually decrease the frequency of your watering to encourage deep, healthy roots.

Watering and Mowing Schedule for New Lawns

  • Water well daily for the first three days. More water is needed if the weather is hot and sunny.
  • Change to watering every other day for the first week and then reduce to once or twice a week. You do not want your lawn to be saturated, but you also want to be sure it does not dry out. This is especially important until the sod has developed roots that reach into the topsoil.
  • About six or seven days after installing sod, you will need to mow it for the first time. Take care not to cut it too short. The blade of the grass is crucial to the plant absorbing sunlight which is used in a process of photosynthesis which converts nutrients into growth. Cutting it too short robs the plants ability to grow and be healthy.
  • If some of your lawn is sloped, use extra care on this section to prevent the mower wheels from disturbing the new sod.
  • KEEP YOUR MOVER BLADES SHARP. A good clean cut prevents the damage that dull lawn mover blades does. You will have a greener lawn, as opposed to one there the top of each blade is mutilated and turns brown at the tops.
  • Highland Turf Farms grows the sod locally. It is not trucked great distances. Some sod that other companies sell has been on a truck too long and is already dried out when you get it.

Highland Turf Farms: Sod for all your Needs!

Highland Turf Farm ensures you are receiving absolutely the best quality possible. While the sod is growing, Highland manages the irrigation of grass seedlings, and cuts the grass as it grows, to ensure they are supplying the best possible product to customers. Highland Turf Farm delivers rectangular rolls of sod. Each roll is sixteen inches by 6.9 feet. This is one square yard.

Note that not all sod farms generate 9 square foot rolls (one square yard rolls). Some sod farms sell 8 1/2  square foot rolls, as they depend on discounting as a way of generating more business. Highland Turf Farm aims for quality at a fair price. Highland Turf Farm does not cut corners in how they grow their sod, how they measure the rolls or how they serve their customers. Highland Turf Farm has been in the sod delivery business since 1978 and has established their outstanding reputation by providing the best in sod and customer service. That is the way Highland Turf Farm does business – always was, always will be.

Highland Turf Farm uses up-to-date well maintained equipment to ensure your sod is the best possible sod. The cost of sod, compared to the value of your property is a very small part of your overall investment. Highland Turf Farm believe quality sod is a very important part of your investment. It is the first thing people see when they drive up to your property.

Highland Turf Farm takes pride in ensuring the delivery of each sod order is done in the most effective manner possible. Highland Turf Farm is family owned and operated, with more than 6 family members active in the business on a full-time basis, year round, Highland Turf farm and their exceptional staff combined with their high quality sod, will provide you the best result, time and time again. That is why many landscapers use sod from Highland Turf Farm. They know the quality is consistent.

Sod Delivery Service

Call us today at 604-465-5847 or 1-800-663-5847, or fill in the Request for Quote at the top right column of this website to get a quotation on your sod needs.

There is simply no better choice than Highland Turf Farms for all of your sod, soil, fertilizer and grass seed needs.

Highland Turf Farms delivers sod, and soil, to North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Delta,  Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Fort Langley, Abbotsford and anywhere else in the Lower Mainland.

Sod needs to be delivered on time, to ensure you the greatest chances of success. On your end, it is a time sensitive and labor intensive job. Ensure you have enough help to be able to complete laying the sod on the day you receive the sod. Highland Turf Farm is at work early, to ensure your sod is cut and delivered earlier in the day, to ensure you have time to lay it the same day.  Highland Turf Farm will deliver your sod in rolls on pallets (skids) for your commercial or residential use.

Highland Turf Farms will deliver your sod exactly where you want it delivered. Highland Turf Farm will be using a fork lift to move the pallets from the truck to your yard. The forklift requires 15 feet clearance. Typically if you could drive, to the place you want the pallet dropped, with a half-ton truck, then we can drive there with the forklift. Steep grades, particularly slanted areas which could cause the forklift to roll, are the exception.

Laying Sod Successfully: Our Guarantee

Laying sod is something most people can do. It does not require the level of expertise most home renovations require. However, it is hard work – especially for individuals who are not accustom to physical labor. It requires lots of preparation. If you take the time to prepare your site properly, and if you lay your sod according to best practices – in staggered pattern, tight butted seams, you complete the job the day the sod is delivered, and you prevent it from drying out, you are guaranteed to have success. Highland Turf Farm guarantees your satisfaction with their sod product.

While Highland Turf Farm is not able to stand good, for short-comings in the installation process, such as delay in laying or failure to water, Highland Turf Farms is happy to stand by their product and replace sod if there is a problem with the quality or issues that hindered you from getting good results.

Together we can grow vibrant green lawns, that will give your property the curb appeal, and enjoyment you desire.

Sod Repair : Large Jobs : Small Jobs

Everyone has different needs. Some people are just looking for a few pieces of sod for their dog to lay on. Others need sod for a small yard, or beside their house. Others need sod for an acre or more of land. Highland Turf Farm can meet all of these needs. No, we are not able to deliver 4 rolls of sod. But, you can pick it up. Highland Turf Farm is glad to meet the delivery needs of homeowners, and commercial businesses that need sod delivered. Contact us today! Call us today at 604-465-5847 or 1-800-663-5847

Did you know?

Your lawn assists in cooling the air around your home. Sod has replaced the need to seed a lawn. The turf or sod industry in Canada is more 60 years old? William Ruthven, a prominent and well-traveled farmer from Alliston Ontario, started the Canadian commercial turfgrass sod industry in the early 1950’s. He developed a 900 acre turf farm, the first of it’s kind in Canada.

Confused? Need more Information?

Call us — Highland Turf Farm is here to help: 604-465-9812 or 1-800-663-5847

Highland Turf Farm delivers sod to: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Delta,  Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Fort Langley, Abbotsford and anywhere else in the Lower Mainland.

December 11, 2014

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