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Every landscaper knows that their reputation depends on providing quality products and services. That is why many landscapers have continued to use Highland Turf Farm for all of their sod, grass seed and fertilizer needs. Highland prides itself with providing the best sod year after year, since turf soccer field

Sod for Landscapers: Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Commercial Sod – Sod for Landscapers: Lower Mainland, BC

Starting with quality sod, is the first step in having a lush green lawn. You can count of Highland Turf Farms to deliver quality sod, locally grown from a blend of grasses chosen to give you the best lawn for the Lower Mainland BC climate. Let Highland Turf Farm grow the sod, and you install it – together we can can paint the town green!

Highland Turf Farm Delivers to your Job Site

Highland Turf Farm delivers the sod to the location of your job. Highland Turf Farm delivers sod to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford and all surrounding areas in Lower Mainland BC.

Highland Turf Farm can deliver for large jobs or small jobs.

  • Golf Courses,
  • Soccer Fields,
  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties

Highland Turf Farm has supplied many major locations:

  • Bear Mountain Golf Course
  • Furry Creek Golf Course
  • Other Golf Courses from Washington to Whistler
  • …and thousands of homes, commercial properties and other sites.

golf course grass, turfThere is a strong argument to be made in choosing real grass, instead of artificial turf. Increasingly studies are pointing to possible links between artificial turf and cancer in youth. Artificial Turf may be as harmful as asbestos. Whether it is a residential yard or a sports field, buy sod from Highland Turf Farm. In May of 2008 in an article by Larry Greenemeier for Scientific American he quoted one study that went so far as to suggest, “Inhaling carbon nanotubes could be as harmful as breathing asbestos.” (Watch YouTube Video)

Sod and Landscaping Supplies Delivery

Highland Turf Farm provides turf year round, making it easier for landscapers to meet the needs of their customers. Many landscapers use sand based sod during winter months for easier installation in wet weather. turf - locally grown and harvested

The reliable source for all of your sod needs. Highland Turf Farm also sells lawn seed, specially blended for the Lower Mainlands local climate and soil conditions.  Is the answer to a beautiful and high quality lawn. Sod delivered by Highland Turf Farms will arrive early enough in the day to enable you to lay it the same day, for the best results.harvesting turf, sod, sand turf, landscaper supplies

Highland Turf Farm uses state-of-the-art harvesting equipment for the best results, and to ensure you get the freshest sod possible.

Forget about the frustrations of shopping around for sod, become a regular commercial customer and Highland Turf Farm will provide the sod deliveries you need, whether the job is small or large.

Commercial Sod: Landscapers Trust Highland Turf Farms

Make your customer’s neighbors GREEN WITH ENVY and get referrals.

Highland Turf Farm is a long standing member of Western Canada Turf Association and of Turfgrass Producers International.

High quality sod possesses the following characteristics: (List Source):

  • uniformity
  • good density
  • freedom from serious weeds, weed seeds, diseases, insects and nematodes
  • acceptable colour
  • adequate sod strength for handling
  • sufficient maturity in terms of carbohydrate reserves
  • minimal amount of thatch

Rhizome or stolon development is the most important factor in sod strength and sod rooting capability.Sod grown and delivered by Highland Turf Farm meets these standards.
Highland Turf Farms sod service is like no other company. Highland Turf Farm is a family owned operation, where all team members are dedicated to the business. Highland Turf Farm knows what quality sod service is all about. Highland Turf Farm has professionally trained staff, regularly maintained equipment and competitive rates for all your sod delivery needs. Our current sod service areas include: West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford and all surrounding areas in Lower Mainland BC.

If you’re looking for sod delivery, to your job sites, give us a call. For sod delivery, or even repairs to your existing sod then look no further – Highland Turf Farms.

Get what you DESERVE! Why settle for Less?

When you order from Highland Turf Farm, you get full 9 foot rolls. Some of our competitors tell their customers to order 30% more sod than their measurements say. Some landscapers come to us, after disappointment with other suppliers. While some supply 8.5 foot rolls you can count on 9 foot rolls and quality products when you buy from Highland Turf Farm. If you are paying for 30% more sod, the difference in the price between sod companies that under cut sod prices is not comparing apples to apples…or their sod to our sod!

Many landscapers started using Highland Turf Farm for their sod when they started their business. As their businesses grew, they recognized Highland Turf Farm continued to provide consistent quality and products, along with excellent customer service. Highland Turf Farm respects these relationships, as the success of both the landscaper and the turf farm begins with a quality turf product.

Give us a try! Highland Turf Farm guarantees you will not be disappointed.

Please contact us. Highland Turf Farm Commercial Customers receive discounts.  Highland Turf Farm would be glad to discuss your business needs.

Buy the products that will give you the results you really want!

Call 604-465-9812 or 1-800-664-5892

Commercial Sod: – Sod Delivered to your Job Site

Creating a lawn:

The first decision in creating a lawn is to choose how to achieve it – to seed or sod. Some of your customers, due to the size of the project or their budgets choose to go with seeding instead of sod. Highland Turf Farm is able to provide all the supplies you need for either seeded lawns, or sodded lawns. Contact us to discuss your projects and needs. Highland Turf Farm is happy to provide you a quote on future projects so you will be able to give accurate quotes to your customers.

Choosing a Sod Supplier:

Highland Turf Farms uses a seed blend that best matches soil conditions and weather conditions in the Lower Mainland. When it comes to residential sod, you can trust Highland, they have been providing Vancouver and area residential sod since 1978. Highland Turf Farms prides themselves in providing uncompromising quality and the best customer service.

Residential Sod Vancouver Surrey Langley Lower Mainland BC
Your landscaping know how and service combined with our sod provides an instant carpet of green for your customers. You customers bare soil to will turn into lush green lawn in just hours. It is a healthy and mature lawn when installed. Sod is grown under expert conditions using top quality seed blends.

Overseeing, or instructing your customers on how to care for a newly installed lawn, ensures the success of the project — and leads to happy customers and more referral business.

All you need to do is just water, mow, and fertilize as needed and your lawn will remain healthy. Sod can be installed practically anywhere, and in the Lower Mainland virtually any month of the year. Sod is quite useful to stop soil erosion and water pollution where rain would wash away both seed and soil.

Choosing Sand or Loam Sod:

Highland Turf Farm sells both sand based turf and loam based turf. Sand based turf rolls are easier to deal with during rainy seasons. You can lay sod almost year round in Lower Mainland BC, and anyone who lives here knows in the spring and fall it can rain a lot. If you use loam sod, it gets to be a muddy experience. Ask any landscaper, who moved to the Lower Mainland from frigid climates in other parts of Canada, most of them are just happy they can continue to lay turf year round.

However, the downside of installing sand based turf, is that it will require more water for the entire life of the lawn. This may not be good if you have a very sunny location.

The advantage of loam based sod is that it requires less watering than sand based sod. For this reason, loam based sod is the most popular. The rolls are also more durable during the process of handling them during the sod installation process.

Turf for Landscapers: Your Source for Turf

Landscapers are experts in creating curb appeal. Remember, you customers have spent a huge amount of money on their land – cutting corners on the turf used to dress that land with devalues the appearance of the property.

Highland Turf Farm has been supplying landscapers with turf in the Lower Mainland since 1978. Our goal is to provide the best turf for the local climate. Highland Turf Farm grows under carefully monitored conditions to provide you with the best possible product. Your business success depends on you providing a quality product. Highland grows turf from a special blend of grass seeds which are suited to the local climate and local soil conditions.

No compromise. Highland offers the best turf, because Highland Turf Farms reputation has been built on supplying consistent, quality products and fair value for customers looking for residential turf. Highland Turf Farms does not cut rolls short to sell more turf, or artificially deflate the price.

Lower Mainland landscapers, such as Burnaby landscapers, Surrey landscapers, Langley Landscapers, and other landscapers throughout the Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have come to know and trust Highland Turf Farm for all of their sod, or turf needs.

Buy the turf that will give you great results! Look no further than Highland Turf Farm.

Buy the products that will give you the results you really want!

Call 604-465-9812 or 1-800-664-5892

September 16, 2014

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