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Sod – Sand Based Sod and Loam Based Sod: Details

Highland Turf Farm delivers quality sand based or loam based sod anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Turf is sold in full 9 square foot rolls at affordable prices. Quality and consistency combined with excellent customer service has enabled Highland Turf Farm to a leader in the sod industry since 1978. A lush green lawn starts here!

Garden Soil: Big Yellow Bag Soil Details

Soil - Garden Dirt - Big Yellow Bag
Convenience and quality come hand in hand with providing customers with the best quality of garden soil for all your gardening needs. You Call…We Deliver, Even if You’re Not Home®.

Fertilizer: DetailsLawn Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Metro Vancouver,

Great sod is only the beginning. Every lawn needs fertilizer. Highland Turf Farm carries the best fertilizer for your new or mature lawn.

Grass Seed: For Over Seeding DetailsLawn Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Metro Vancouver,

Sometimes due to various conditions, such as lack of water, erosion or other factors homeowners and landscapers need to over seed parts of a lawn to rejuvenate the lawn. If you need seed for over seeding, get your supply from Highland Turf Farm. Highland Turf Farm mixes just the right blend for our local climate and weather conditions.

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Sod or Turf: Sand Based Turf or Loam Based Turf

Residential Sod - Vancouver
Highland Turf Farms has been providing best quality turf in the Lower Mainland since 1978. Highland Turf Farm uses a blend of grasses which constitute the best quality of turf for the weather conditions and soil conditions in the Lower Mainland. The mix includes grasses tolerant to wet conditions as well as grasses tolerant to dry hot weather. By combining a variety of grasses, the grass that does best in a certain condition grows more vigorously dominating the lawn and making for the best possible lawn. Of course, seed isn’t the only factor, lawns still need appropriate maintenance.

Sand Based Turf

Price of Sod

(Remember: The Area Covered by Buildings reduces sod needed. Only 30 to 50% of your yard will be sod.)

Sometimes Sand Based Turf is the best choice. The advantages of sand based turf is that it is easier to work with during wet weather. You do not get all muddy as you may when working with loam based turf. (BTW – some people pay lots of money to go on a Tough Mudder event – getting muddy could be fun.)
The downside of sand based turf, can be an advantage if the area where the lawn is low laying and is often wetter than other lawn areas.

Loam Based Turf

Loam Based Turf is the most common turf used by homeowners, landscapers and commercial applications. The loam provides a good base for the grass to grow a strong root system. The rolls of sod are more durable than sand based rolls, making for easier handling during the installation process.

Affordable Pricing: Improves Property Value

A lush green lawn increases your property value by 15 to 20%, according to realtors.
As you can see, by the graph on the right, the price of turf has not kept up with inflation. The price of Highland Turf Farm quality sod, is affordable and makes a big difference to the property value, for a relatively small investment. Curb appeal, is that lasting impression people get when they drive up to your property. Make them GREEN with envy! Buy turf from Highland Turf Farm today.

Even if the Canadian Dollar was at par, you would lose money by shopping across the border. Highland Turf Farm is offering a product that is well worth the investment.

Quality Sod: Blend of Grasses: Excellent Customer Service

Highland Turf Farm sells sod in 1 Sq. Yd. ( = 9 Sq. Ft.) Rolls (16″  Wide x 6’9″ Long)

  • Turf Grown From Certified & Registered Mixtures Of Selected Rye-grasses, Kentucky Blue Grasses & Fine Fescues
  • Ideal For A Lush Front Yard & a Durable Backyard
  • Forklift Delivery Service & Installation Instructions Available
  • Save Delivery Costs By Picking-Up Yourself
  • Advance Orders Recommended
  • Sand Turf or Loam Turf

Health Benefits and Warnings: Let your Children play on REAL Grass?

Premium Quality SodNatural Green Grass Climate control

Turf serves as a natural air-conditioner. This is easy to experience. Stand on a lush lawn and then go stand on pavement, in bare feet. The heat reflected off the lawn cools the environment. The turf on eight average-sized healthy front lawns has the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, enough for 16 average homes.

Dust filter

Turf traps dust and smoke particles from the air and acts as a filter for the air we breathe. This is particularly important in urban areas where dust generated by cars and trucks can be trapped and washed down into the soil, preventing further movement.

Choose Natural Grass: Best for Your Children

Artificial Turf may be as harmful as asbestos. Whether it is your yard or your sports field, buy sod from Highland Turf Farm. Could exposure and inhaling carbon black nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes found in pulverized tires and the tire crumb used on artificial turf fields be harmful? In May of 2008 in an article by Larry Greenemeier for Scientific American he quoted one study that went so far as to suggest, “Inhaling carbon nanotubes could be as harmful as breathing asbestos.” (Watch YouTube Video)

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Garden Soil: Big Yellow Bag

Soil - Garden Dirt - Big Yellow Bag
“Dirt is dirt. It’s cheaper down the street. Does it really make a difference?”

Big Yellow Bag® is the trusted name in dirt! Big Yellow Bag® maintains a standard that is above that of the typical garden soil you will buy elsewhere. In 2011 Big Yellow Bag® hired a University Student for the summer and tasked the student will comparing Big Yellow Bag® dirt with 10 other brands, to determine quality.

Big Yellow Bag® dirt is tested rigorously to ensure it is the best dirt for your garden. Your plants can’t talk, but they are great at ‘show and tell’. Plants grown in Big Yellow Bag® black garden soil will show you the difference.

How come our Black Garden Soil helps plants perform so much better? Realtors have location, location, location; we have testing, testing, testing. Big Yellow Bag® dirt is tested for nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and so on. Highland Turf Farm proudly supplies you the quality of dirt that Big Yellow Bag® consumers expect and deserve.

The soil delivered by Highland Turf Farm, under the Big Yellow Bag® program is perfectly balanced and is often a blend of numerous soils, in order to measure up to the most stringent of standards for garden soil. This soil contains the nutrients you need to ensure your plants will grow better.

Additionally, all soil delivered by Highland Turf Farm, is screened several times to be sure there aren’t any stones or clumps. It is repeatedly tested for nutritional properties and is optimal garden soil. Soil provides nutrients to growing plants, just like you provide food for your children, only the best will do. To grow a healthy productive garden or flowerbed, it all starts with Big Yellow Bag® black garden soil.

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Highland Turf Farm is proud to offer 2 unique fertilizers.

  • Highland Starter Fertilizer 3KG bag: Apply during installation to give your turf a kick start for quick root establishment.
  • Highland Maintenance Fertilizer 3KG bag: Apply for year round needs to keep your lawn healthy and green all year.


The three key elements needed are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). All fertilizers have these three elements listed on the bag, as percentages in order. For example N10-P10-K10 is 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus, 10% Potassium). Highland Turf Farm sells fertilizer that is best suited for lawn maintenance in the Lower Mainland.

Every fertilizer bag label gives specific application rates. Always follow fertilizer bag instructions carefully. To ensure even coverage, apply half of the required amount in perpendicular directions. NEVER apply fertilizer when the grass is wet. Avoid fertilizing during periods of drought, high temperatures and stress. Apply before a rain or water fertilizer, if possible.

Highland Turf Farms knows fertilizer. It has been an important part of their business for 100 years. Highland Turf Farm is part of a family farm that has been in Pitt Meadows for 100 years. Since 1978, Highland Turf Farm has been providing sod, or turf, to homeowners and landscapers throughout the Lower Mainland. In the years since 1978, Highland Turf Farm has learned which fertilizers bring the best results. The fertilizer sold by Highland Turf Farms has the right balance of nutrients for your lawn.
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Seed – For Lawns and Overseeding

Overseeding Kit:

overseeding kit

Seed for Planting Lawns:

Not all seed is equal. Some seed mixes sold in major box retailers are not suited to our climate or our soil types. You deserve better. A generic seed mixture designed to work anywhere in the US or Canada is just not going to give the results seed blended by experts in the local area. Highland Turf Farm holds uncompromising standards and uses a blend of seeds their nearly 40 years in the turf business has proven to be most successful. You don’t get that level of service or local knowledge at a big box store. If you are over seeding or reseeding part of your lawn that has been damaged by soil erosion, or drought, come to Highland Turf Farm and get the best.

Are you a landscaper, or a homeowner who is seeding a large lawn? Of course, we would love to sell you redi-turf, but if you are going to seed please use our seed and give yourself the best possible chance of growing a lush green lawn.
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Highland Turf Farms:

Serving Lower Mainland BC since 1978

Members of the Western Canada Turf Grass Association.

Call Highland Turf Farm, today for all your sod, or turf, or seed, fertilizer, or soil needs. 604-465-9812 or 1-800-664-5892

December 11, 2014

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