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Should I let my kids play on artificial turf?

Important differences between natural and artificial turf.

Natural Green Grass Climate control

Turf serves as a natural air-conditioner. This is easy to experience. Stand on a lush lawn and then go stand on the pavement, in bare feet. The heat reflected off the lawn cools the environment. The turf on eight average-sized healthy front lawns has the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, enough for 16 average homes.

Dust filter

Turf traps dust and smoke particles from the air and acts as a filter for the air we breathe. This is particularly important in urban areas where dust generated by cars and trucks can be trapped and washed down into the soil, preventing further movement.

Choose Natural Grass: Best for Your Children

Artificial Turf may be as harmful as asbestos. Whether it is your yard or your sports field, buy sod from Highland Turf Farm. Could exposure and inhaling carbon black nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes found in pulverized tires and the tire crumb used on artificial turf fields be harmful? In May of 2008 in an article by Larry Greenemeier for Scientific American he quoted one study that went so far as to suggest, “Inhaling carbon nanotubes could be as harmful as breathing asbestos.”

Is Artificial Turf Hiding an 800 Pound Gorilla?